woensdag 31 december 2008

Has a cool drink

At the turn tables

Most branding

Hanneke is getting "smoky eyes" backstage, theme for the girls tonight


There are 400+ bottles of Moet Chandon




My niece on the cover of the new setcard of Edo!

Anybody else?

Before fireworks hell breaks loose

@slijterijmeisje which one?

Drinks at Walem

@dulk surrounded

With dad's hat

dinsdag 30 december 2008

Hurries to the boat to turn on the water... That prevents the pipes to freeze over... Hopefully it's not too late...

Washing her brother gently


These two want to bathe NOW!

Gave Amelie a toy turtle today... It's being cooked right now...

This guy eats everything


Skyline #020

Testing hammocks

To the pub

Princess Amelie

My neighbour is using a hairblower to defrost the pipes #020

Frozen Amstel 2 #020

Frozen Amstel

zondag 28 december 2008


Back yard

Almost home

Walking home


Washing up

Amelie found a foot

The not so big pizza

Hit it!

OH Amelie: pinguin en papegaai gaan samen een stukje wandelen

Learned to write Mandarin

Cold and beautiful

Paultje brings Arjen a glass of h2o

If you knew the context, you would appreciate this Moby